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Tips for Getting Your Small Business Site Noticed By Google

The term “search engine optimization” is enough to confound even the most established small business owner. We know that it is an important part of online marketing and that, if it’s not done right, our websites will be shunned by Google. What we are not sure about is how to use SEO to our advantage [Read On]

How to Create a Business Blog (Even If You Hate to Write)

Not everyone is a natural writer. Perhaps the gift of prose is not in your basket of talents; or you simply don’t have the time or the patience to keep up with a blog for your business. But these days, if you want to build a successful brand, creating valuable content has to be an [Read On]

How to Drive Your Business With an eBook

Every business has at least a dozen stories to tell. Today, sharing those stories through an eBook format with your audience goes a long way in driving business. Using eBooks as a marketing vehicle is a hugely underutilized tool that so many businesses are missing out on. Building your brand in the age of social [Read On]

How to Create Your Own Stockpile of Content Ideas

It is no secret that, if you want to be successful online, you need to produce valuable, unique content. The Internet is bursting with potential customers who are all online searching for answers, new products and the right service provider for their needs. For small business owners, the way to draw those customers to you [Read On]

Why Your Business Needs to Have a Blog

Content continues to be a very important driver of traffic. When you have the traffic, your business sees a boost in online sales. This is why businesses need to put a lot of effort into content marketing. If you have unique, beneficial quality content, you will be able to increase traffic to your site. One [Read On]