3 Critical Areas That Need Attention before You Submit Your Article to Article Directories

Most Granbury business owners, writers, ghostwriter’s and freelance writers know how important article marketing is and can be for your writing website, or any website for that matter.  Many online business owners use article marketing daily and if you’re not using it, you should be.

Article marketing plays a critical role in getting targeted traffic to your sites and converting that site traffic into buyers.  That’s why article writing and marketing, submitting to article directories and publications are extremely popular and very important.  There are tons of article marketing tools to use that make distributing your articles a lot easier, however, even though it is imperative in gaining exposure to your content, it is only half the story.

Here are some pretty common mistakes most people make when submitting content to article directories:

1.  Some people get confused over their reasons to promote articles with the reason of writing them.  There are three main advantages in article writing and why you promote them; promotion, lead generation and branding, which are part of your efforts in optimization.

However, there really should be only one reason why you write articles, and that is to keep your readers informed.  If your articles are not focused on this main reason and purpose, they will not achieve the three benefits of optimization because no one will want to read them.

It is critical to figure out how to get your audience to actually read what you’ve written, and the next step is for them to click on your resource box or BIO.  This can be accomplished by writing better content.

2.  Not taking advantage of the promotional benefits of your article marketing efforts.  Articles can help in generating links to your site, but did you know that you can also get better search engine results and more visitors from those same articles?

You’ll need to add your keywords appropriately to each article, and some anchor texts as well, but be sure you don’t misuse and overstuff your keywords.  Some article directories may not support this and it is important to know and understand each directories rules and guidelines.

One thing to remember is that it isn’t all about the links to your site; it is about getting your article picked up by others who have a huge audience.  This will give you tons of great exposure and the advantage of using other brands, all of which are a result of the quality of your article.

Of course gaining better search engine results are also a huge benefit, but it does not actually put money in your pocket.  That comes from generating enough traffic and then converting that traffic into buyers.  Put an article marketing plan together and make sure your articles serve the purpose you want it to have, and the traffic and sales will follow.

3.  Creating content that serves no purpose to your audience.  Most often people will write articles with thoughts of only generating traffic and links to their sites, as any audience is better than no audience at all, right?  Wrong!  There are some article directories that will not accept your articles automatically and there are rigid rules and editorial guidelines you must follow to get your articles accepted.

It is imperative that you write articles that the article directories are willing to share with others, as well as potential publishers.  You can increase your audience overnight by having just one publisher with thousands of readers pick up your article and publish it.  Therefore, you need to write the best articles you can possibly muster and be sure you have met the guidelines, do your spell check, and conduct outstanding research on an excellent topic.  You might even consider hiring a ghostwriter to write the article for you.

In conclusion, it really depends on you and your choices.  You might gain a few back links to your site on a basic level by submitting to tons of article directories, or you can gain massive exposure from just a bit of extra effort by making your article truly valuable.  To gain the best exposure, find niche-related article directories to submit your articles to.  Most of the time these are geared towards a smaller group, however, it is a highly targeted audience which could produce some amazing results.

By knowing the difference between the two, it will help you to know the types of articles you need to be writing, and the sort of article directories you need to submit that content to.  Put a strategy together, track your results, find the most appropriate article directories for your niche, and submit like crazy!  Most all article directories are free to use, and what an excellent marketing tool that is!

What are some of your article marketing tactics?


  1. This is an interesting article. I do try to encompass the best keywords and information into my articles, in my opinion. You mentioned a couple times about having an “article marketing plan” or strategy. I’ve never really thought of that before. I’ve always just been juggling everything, usually at once. This will really help my marketing efforts and to help with my organization. Thanks for the advice!

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