How to Create Your Own Stockpile of Content Ideas

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It is no secret that, if you want to be successful online, you need to produce valuable, unique content. The Internet is bursting with potential customers who are all online searching for answers, new products and the right service provider for their needs. For small business owners, the way to draw those customers to you is to snare them with your content.

The rules for online content have been that you 1) Stick to a consistent posting schedule, and 2) You write at least 500 words a day. But there is another rule that needs to be added to the others: Generate a list of content ideas.

To stay relevant online, you need to produce fresh content on a regular basis. Many business owners find that the hardest part of creating online content is coming up with ideas of what to write about. Staring at a blank page for 20 minutes might help spark an idea once in a while, but it isn’t the best way to get a start on content production.

What you need is to create a stockpile of content ideas that you can pluck from whenever you need inspiration for a topic. Keep a notebook or even a file on the computer with a list of content ideas. Then, whenever you are stuck behind a writer’s block, you already have a place to look for a great idea.

Here are some ways that you can generate some interesting topics for your online content.

Answer the questions nobody else will

In every industry, there are many questions that small business owners avoid answering online because they are worried that it will take away from their revenue. For instance, a wedding planner might not want to share inside secrets because they think it will mean fewer people will pay for their services.

Just think of all the questions you’ve tried to find answers to online only to hit a dead end. If it’s happening to you, it’s happening to thousands of other people as well. Be the person who is willing to answer the questions that no one else in your industry is willing to answer.

When you give people answers they can’t find anywhere else, you will become the person they come to again and again in the future. Because you have made yourself an authority in the industry!

Challenge the status quo

Is there something that almost nobody agrees with you on? Maybe you have come up with an idea that could change the way businesses can save money but everyone else has told you that it’s too radical or that it simply won’t work.

Controversy is great for sparking interest. People are intrigued by the rebel, the person who is willing to step over the line and shake things up. Don’t settle for writing about topics that everyone has found safe. Go outside of the norm and write your honest opinion about the topic you are passionate about.

Consider the future

People like to read about what the future holds for your industry. Many business owners don’t want to consider what might happen a few years down the road, but you can be the person to change that.

Maybe you believe that something that is wildly popular right now will fizzle out by the end of the year. What do you think is going to take its place? Try your hand at predicting the future. You won’t always be right, but once in a while you might just surprise yourself (and your readers) with the future you envision.

Content creation can be a tricky road. Trying to think up topics on the spot can make writing more frustrating. Instead, look at creating a stockpile of topic ideas that you can keep on hand when it is time to write new content.

Make a list of topics. Stick to a regular writing schedule. Do research for new topics often. Those are the rules for creating valuable content.

Do you often hit roadblocks when you are writing content for your business? What do you do to generate new ideas?

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