9 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Article Writer for Your Specific Content Needs

Article writing, ghost writing, freelance writing and blogging are all very time consuming tasks associated with running any type of business.  Good article writers and bloggers are in high demand and can create the much needed content you are seeking.

Good news…there is a solution that will give you back the time you deserve and need for those precious and enjoyable moments in life.  Outsource your article writing and content blogging to a professional and experienced freelance writer.

How do you choose a writer and one that is perfect for your content needs?  Read on for some helpful tips.

1.  Prepare a set of interview questions.

Be prepared on your end as well.  Have a particular and specific set of questions you’d like to ask your potential writer.  Have you ever written “xyz” content?  What is your turnaround time on articles or blog posts?  What areas or topics are you experienced with?  You will need as many details as possible to determine the perfect writer for you and your business.

2. Speak with your potential writer directly.

Arrange a meeting to discuss some of the details over the phone.  Get a feel for their personality, demeanor, attitude and professionalism.  Do they listen without interruption, (listening skills are paramount)?  It’s the little things that make a real difference.

3.  Make sure the content produced is original and unique.

You want and need original information created just for you within your specific guidelines.  Do not hire someone that cannot produce 100% original content.  You want to be sure that your article is the only one like it and that there is no duplication whatsoever.  This could hurt your search engine ranking if you do not have original and unique, written just for you information.

4.  Do you know how to optimize articles?

Most businesses have a set of keywords based around their products or services.  It is critical that your content be SEO optimized with your specific keywords in order to rank in the search engines.  You’ll need to supply those keywords to your writer and then they need to know how to work those into that content seamlessly.

5.  Ask for samples of their work.

You may choose to ask for samples of work they have previously written, or have them create a short 200 to 300 word article specifically for you.  Keep in mind if you have them draft an article for you with your guidelines and you like and want to keep that particular article, be prepared to pay for it.  Did they follow instructions in detail?

6.   Ask for references.

Get references from people they have written for in the past.  Did they provide specifically what you asked for?  Did they meet all deadlines?  Would you rehire them?  What sort of results did you obtain from using their writing services?

7.  What is their writing style?

If your brand requires that someone portray a hip, fresh, laid back style, then make sure your content matches that strategy.  If your brand is more conservative or technical, then that will require a different voice as well.  Find the voice that matches your branding strategy.  You want a writer that can get to know you and what you care about, someone that can learn and understand your market and be able to bounce ideas off of.

8.  Copyright or no Copyright?

Most writers will keep the rights of the content and you are then limited with where you can publish and the amount of times you can publish that content.  If you are interested in keeping the copyright to your content, then find a writer willing to give you the rights.  In these cases, I have seen where this might cost a bit more to do; however, it is worth it in the long run.

9.  What are their rates?

There are many ways writers charge and you need to know which one will fit your business the best.  Do they charge by the word or page?  While there are article writers that charge a very low price for their articles, be very careful of this.  This could be content already previously written or content they have plagiarized.  Remember, you want original and unique content well written.   One other thing to consider is whether or not they are native English writers.  This is very important as well when it comes to proper sentence structuring, proofreading, grammar and ease of reading.

There you have some helpful tips in finding your perfect article writer.  Look for someone with patience and a strong desire to understand your business, your brand and details of your product or service.  Choose someone who will not give up easily when things don’t go well.  Writing is hard work and it takes diligence, patience, understanding and communication to get the results you are seeking.

What are some of your guidelines in choosing a writer?

You’ve made it this far, please leave a comment.  I don’t like to talk to myself all the time…LOL.


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  1. […] Read the original post: 9 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Article Writer for Your Specific … […]

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