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Deb Lamb

Hello and welcome! My article marketing, web content writing or ghostwriting services will suit all of your business content needs, plus save you time and money!

I  know first-hand how time consuming writing articles or posting on blogs can be…and I’m here to help!  My services will assist you with writing in general, article marketing, article submissions, article re-writes, blogging and ghostwriting projects.

I’m dedicated to supplying you with quality, unique and original content for your online business needs.

We are “Your Everything Services” and YES, we live up to it!

Deb Lamb is a Ghostwriter and Copywriter who lives an amazing life in Granbury, Texas with her husband, two dogs and cat.

She has a passion and desire to ignite and encourage others to successfully survive the hard times like divorce, abuse, single-parenting, homelessness and job loss. Deb has personally experienced these life-altering situations making her an authority and expert to motivate and inspire others.

She has authored hundreds of articles on these topics and writes motivating and inspirational advice and strategies on how to overcome and enjoy a stunning life.

Deb also writes about article marketing, ghostwriting and article distribution.

She has provided content for small business owners and entrepreneurs, internet marketers, job seekers, religious professionals, coaches, relationship therapists, reputation management businesses, consulting firms, aviation and engineering companies, career and educational sites, just to mention a few.

I’d like to introduce my assistant, Jessica Neff! Jessica has been a part of YES for about a year and a half now. She assists me with everything from proofing, writing, article management, and maintaining the smooth flow of daily work, seamlessly.

I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Jessica lives in Joshua, Texas with her significant other and their daughter, Sara, and an overactive dog, and an ever-growing book collection.

When she’s not focusing on writing expert content on a wide range of topics, you can find her wrestling socks away from the dog or trying to recreate her latest food finds on Pinterest.

Jessica has a gift for writing with passion and loves to research and learn about new things.

If you ask her what she would do if she ever won the lottery, she would say, “Go back to school and take classes for every subject that looks interesting, travel and write about anything and everything.”

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