Book Tour Featuring Dominique Watson

i-Virtual Assist Book Tours features Too Much Untold, by Dominique L. Watson.

“I left Heaven’s house a couple of minutes after Marissa. I hoped everything was ok. I was glad to hear that things were good with Katora. I hoped she called soon so I could come over and see them this weekend. When I got home I saw my mom’s car parked outside. “Finally”. I thought. I hope she wasn’t out acting up. I figured she’d be up and would want to chat for a minute. She stayed all in my business…” excerpt

Join us and follow us during this exciting 7-Day virtual book tour, today, January 13, 2010 at 6:00 pm Central time.  For more information about our guest author, Dominique Watson, and her book visit her at


  1. Hello Everyone. Good Evening!

  2. Hello everyone and welcome to Day 3 of this exciting Virtual Book Tour featuring our lovely guest, Dominique Watson, Author of “Too Much Untold”. Dominique will be sharing her book with us tonight.

    Thank you Deb so much for being our host for tonight. I want to remind our guests that the first (5) to leave a comment for our guest author tonight will win a great door prize.

    Also please remember to continue to hit your REFRESH button to view all new comments posted here tonight. Enjoy!

  3. Hello Dominique, nice to see you again:)

  4. Hello Deb, thanks again for hosting tonight.

  5. Our host will be joining us very soon. Dominique, how was you day!

  6. I’m having a blessed day!!! and you?

  7. Hi Deb:)

  8. Blessed, excited about your tour! Deb how are you?

  9. Okay, Dominique would you please tell us so far how your tour has been?

  10. It’s been great! I love all the questions and all those who are interested in the inspiration I am trying to give.

  11. Dominique your book is certainly an inspiration, however you are the true inspiration to many young authors just starting out.

  12. Thank you so much! I try to inspire all that I can. I do believe that is my calling.

  13. Can you see Deb’s question?

  14. No I can’t see her question.

  15. Our Host Deb, asks
    Dominique, How did you get started in writing your book? What steps or strategies did you take?

  16. Well I just had an idea that I wanted to write a story. So I started by just getting my thoughts together. Then I did a character profile for each important character. Then I did my outline and wrote the story. It took about 4 months to write. That’s not including edits 🙂

  17. You make it sound so simple Dominique!

  18. Please tell us about your book and the characters.

  19. Yeah!! Hi Deb

  20. It’s definitely not simple 🙂 it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. But it can be easy if it’s something you love and I love inspiring others and writing.

  21. Well the name of my book is Too Much Untold. Ihave four main characters, Ari, Heaven, Marissa and Katora. They all have different storylines but are friends. Each one of their stories talks about a great struggle they are going through and in the end they will learn how to lean on God and each other in their crisis.

  22. I love the characters names, very unique.

    Once you finished writing your book, what steps did you take then? What sort of marketing platforms did you use?

  23. Well I’m apart of a lot of network. So it was mostly word of mouth. i didn’t hire any PR’s or anything just word of mouth. Posting it on my author website. Letting friends and family know. I did buy marketing materials to pass out and to give to family and friends to give out as well.

  24. What are you planning on doing next? As a writer who want’s to be published some day, I’ll be sure to follow you around….LOL.

  25. How many book tours have you done and what have you learned from them?

  26. Are there any guests that would like to ask Dominique a question? Come on, don’t be shy.

  27. Well I’m currently writing and working on my magazine. I’m everywhere right now. Twitter, facebook etc. I have a daily blog called The POV Lounge it can be found at I give my daily advice and tips on writing.

    I have a lot going on right now lol Just check out my website

  28. This is my first book tour. I like it so far!

  29. I’m glad you are enjoying it and I do apologize for the technical difficulties….but I think we have it figured out.

    I love to associate with people that are an inspiration and I can tell just by your beautiful smile, you truly are an inspiration. I certainly will be checking out your site and things of that nature.

  30. Thanks so much! I appreciate that. I’m really enjoying this tour. Yes please check me out. I love to help where I can.

  31. I certainly will and since this tour has not gone all that well, again my sincere apologies, I’ll be sure to make it up to you by tweeting and other mentioning you and your book on other forums as well.

  32. Thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate the conversation with you!

  33. I have certainly enjoyed having you and looking forward to networking and following you around….LOL…..thanks so much for your patience and I apologize, not sure where everybody is????

  34. Thank you so much for hosting the event today. I look forward to talking with you on twitter and getting to know you better!

  35. I’m back, got booted couldn’t get back on, so sorry

  36. Deb, we both will make it up to Dominique. I believe we have a guest?

  37. I am here Deb, I think we lost everyone else. I want to thank you for being such a lovely host tonight.

  38. Oh Alba, I feel terrible, it went so bad! Ugh! I’m SO sorry dear.

  39. Girl please,it went great, you were a wonderful host. Laurie if you are still with us, you are the winner of the door prize tonight! Yeah.


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