Article Marketing Services: A Great Way to Relieve Stress and Harness Some Free Time

Article marketing for online business owners can be quite intimidating. Business owners need to market their products and services, but the thought of spending hours upon hours researching and churning out original content and then having to spend additional time distributing those articles can be extremely overwhelming.

While content marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies, it is also extremely time consuming. In order to free up time and eliminate frustration, many businesses will turn to article marketing services for help.

There are plenty of content marketing services available, each offering to assist you with your specific needs. Many only deal with the writing aspect, using ghostwriters to produce content in your name. Others also do the research needed in order to make sure your articles are keyword-rich and optimized for search engines (SEO). Some article marketing services only handle distribution, taking content that you have created and submitting it to numerous article directories such as EzineArticles.

The real lifesavers in the article marketing business are those services that provide a combination of all the things you need for content marketing. They will do the research, write the content, ensure that it is keyword-rich (without crossing the line of being keyword-stuffed), and then distribute it to a variety of directories.

These companies will also keep you up-to-date on the stats for your articles so that you can keep track of how each one is performing on each site. If you notice that your content is not performing as well in some directories as others, you can make any necessary changes to help streamline your marketing.

When you decide to embark on an aggressive article marketing strategy, it will be helpful to determine what tasks will best be handled through outsourcing. Hiring a ghostwriter can relieve your stress and give you back some of your much-needed and desired time. An article marketing service can make the entire process of submitting to a large number of directories a breeze.

Having the time you need to spend on important tasks for your business is priceless. Hiring an article marketing service will help you become a recognized expert within your industry and build credibility with your readers.

With that information in mind, you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to hiring an article marketing service. The right company will give you the peace of mind you need and the extra time you seek.

Article Marketing: The Best Free Way to Increase Web Traffic

When you begin working as an online entrepreneur, you know the importance of keeping costs down. Nothing can eat up your hard-earned profits faster than poor advertising choices. marketing strategy Pictures, Images and Photos

One of the more well-known advertising routes that people have used is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. If you’ve used this form of advertising in the past, you know that it can empty your wallet quickly and without getting you the hoped-for results.

By comparison, article marketing is a much more cost-effective tool to use for advertising your business. It is a proven method for driving more traffic to web pages and the only costs are in the time and effort you put into each article you write.

Today, search engine bots can scan through websites quickly, locking onto specific keywords that are being searched for. If you include the right keywords in your articles, search engines will be able to locate your content in no time and give those results to users.

The great thing about article marketing is that it requires no special skills. If you can write well, you can launch an effective article marketing campaign. There are a large number of article directories that allow you to submit your content at no cost. Some directories will ban certain topics or have other restrictions that must be followed. But there are also plenty that are less stringent about submissions.

If you aren’t confident in your own writing skills, there are professional writing services as well as freelance writers who can handle creating content for you. These people are known as ghostwriters and will write articles that you can put your own name to.

Select a few different article directories in the beginning. Sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles, and IdeaMarketers are great places to start. You may also be able to find directories that are geared specifically to your industry. By submitting to several different directories, you will be able to gauge which of them draws the most traffic to your website.

If you decide to write your own content, it will benefit you to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Articles that are written for SEO will make your content easier to spot by users and search bots alike.

Marketing your business with online content is a smart and effective tactic when you are looking to boost your web traffic. You’ll show readers that you’re someone who can be looked to as a professional which in turn builds trust. And as you know, people are more willing to do business with someone that has a good reputation. Article marketing is the tool that will get you there.

How to Be a Success in Article Marketing

When it comes to articles on the Web, there are two distinct types- those written in order to express an idea or opinion, and ones which are used to market a product or business. Article marketing content is an effective advertising tool in the guise of beneficial information. When done correctly, an article used for marketing can help generate more sales.
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Articles written for marketing purposes require a fine balance of offering reader’s valuable information while at the same time leaving them unfulfilled. This can make writing marketing content much more difficult than the average online article.

In order to be successful in article marketing, you need to know what works best for the online audience. An article that rambles on and on, for example, can cause disinterest in readers. They’ll check out long before they bother to click on your links in the resource box.

To help you find the right path to victory in the article marketing game, here are a few tips on converting your writing into more sales:

  • Don’t over-word your writing. While wordy prose is excellent for a novel, the same does not apply to online content. Readers have a short attention span and they want to be given as much information as possible in as few words as possible. You want your articles to give just enough information that the reader will have to search for more. Having links at the end of your article will be a fast resource for them.
  • Be your niche’s go-to guy (or gal). You want readers to view you as a valuable resource, someone that knows what they’re talking about. This doesn’t mean talking down to your readers and coming across as a know-it-all. Present the information in a casual way and back it up with facts and resources. If you can convey confidence through your writing, your readers will be confident in you too.
  • Give them (white) space. Large blocks of text can be very intimidating to online readers. Most users prefer to skim information rather than take the time to read every word. Creating blank spaces in your writing (white space) will give your article the appearance of being easy to digest. Use bullet lists whenever possible to help consolidate information as well. Lists will help draw the eye of the reader further down your article, right down to your all-important resource box.
  • Make your resource box a resource. Some authors treat the resource box, or bio box, as a chance to talk about themselves: where they live, how they spend their free time, etc. This is really just a waste of a valuable tool. Instead, the resource box should make readers want to click on your links. Use this area to entice them, offer them a freebie like an e-book or monthly newsletter.
  • Make your website ready for the job. When you manage to get readers to click on your link, the last thing they want to be sent to is a flimsy-looking website. Have your page designed in such a way that it makes you and your business look professional. Make it easy for conversions once they land on your page. Having a messy or confusing web page can cost you the sale.

Article marketing is a valuable tool to be used when trying to boost sales for your business. Doing it the right way will ensure your success as an article marketer. If in the end you discover that your writing skills leave a lot to be desired, you might consider bringing in the professionals with a writing service. Giving your readers the best possible content can make all the difference in your marketing campaign.

Save Money and Earn Subscribers with Article Marketing

One of the most well-known methods of online promotion used by business owners is pay-per-click advertising. Unfortunately, PPC is also one of the most costly tools when it comes to marketing your business and products.

Pay-per-click is geared towards bringing visitors to your website. You place a bid on your chosen keywords and when someone enters those keywords into a search engine, your advertisements will pop up. If the user clicks on your ad, you pay for the click. But even if someone clicks on your ad, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a conversion.

Basically, you’ll be emptying your wallet with each click and seeing little return on your investment. The goal of marketing is to bring in more business which will then lead to more money. To start getting the most bang for your buck, you need to find a way to get your links out there in the most inexpensive- yet effective- way possible.

Article marketing has become one of the most successful tools when it comes to saving money and boosting conversion rates. Writing articles about your business and products will give you the opportunity to submit to various article directories at no cost. You can link back to your website or squeeze page for readers to click on, which still costs you nothing!

Another bonus that comes with writing articles that center around your industry is that readers will recognize you as an expert in your field. This will do more for your reputation than a short advertising blurb.

You know, too, that it may take more than one visit to your web page for someone to decide to buy your product or sign up for your service. It’s important to gather information from visitors in order to reconnect with them at a later point. By linking your articles to a squeeze page, you can get their email address and name right away so that you can contact them in the future.

With the help of your informative articles, you’ll also be able to build your subscriber list. Anyone who has seen success in their business ventures will tell you that a list is a powerful force. A list will get you repeat customers and a steady income.

The key to successfully building a subscriber list is to write articles that are helpful and give readers just a sample of what you can do for them. You don’t want to give away the whole secret. You want them to have a reason to keep coming back.

If writing isn’t your strong point, or if you just don’t have the time to commit to article writing, there are ghostwriting services which will be able to generate fantastic content on your behalf. Some services will even do the work of submitting your articles to directories and know which of those article directories will get the most hits on search engines.

Article marketing is the smart way to promote your business. It can benefit any industry and help create more buzz around your company. The price is just right since it can cost you nothing more than the time it takes to write an article. When you get on a roll with your article marketing, you’ll become a recognized name in your industry which will lead to more traffic to your site, more conversions, and more sales.

Simple Tips for Building the Best Article Marketing Strategy

Online business owners need to have a solid marketing strategy in place. Every aspect of marketing involves careful planning in order to ensure success, so take the time to lay out your own strategy before setting off on a costly campaign.

When you get started on an article marketing campaign for your business, you need to remember quality and quantity. A combination of both is the key to being a successful article marketing specialist. You can’t expect to crank out tons of mediocre articles and see positive results. The same goes for only producing one or two articles a month. It takes a wealth of strongly written articles to do well in your article marketing campaign.

You also don’t want to be spending too much of your valuable time toiling away on your articles. That won’t be beneficial in building up your web traffic, and a steady flow of visitors is what brings you profits. So what steps can you take in order to form an article marketing strategy that’s right for your business?

It would make sense and be very cost efficient to do everything yourself: research, keyword searches, writing the articles, proofreading and editing, signing up with article directories and submitting them, linking those articles back to your website, etc. When you already have a very busy schedule, it may seem next to impossible for you to actually get through your list of article marketing tasks.

But don’t fret…let’s break it down into bite-size chunks.

Go slowly in the beginning. Set a goal of completing one 400-word article a week. This should take only about an hour of your time. If you start to see it taking you three or more hours to do, you should consider putting your article writing campaign on hold and look into a course that teaches you how to write articles for an online audience. You might even consider outsourcing your article marketing and writing campaign.

Ease your way into writing three articles each week, then try to work on completing one a day. Before long, you’ll be churning out 365 articles a year, each working hard to draw more prospects to your website.

Alternate what type of articles you write. In one, write up a question-and-answer article. Next time, write a “top 10” article or a “how-to” article and so on. Always look at the stats for each article and you’ll see which ones are converting best.

Sign up for a wide variety of article submission directories and rotate between them every other month. For example, use EzineArticles your first month, ArticleRich the next one, GoArticles for the next, etc. You may notice a higher response from one directory in comparison to others.

After your first year, take a look at all of your articles and see which directory and article type have been ranking highest for you in search engines like Google. You also want to see which “About the Author” section is getting you the most click-through traffic.

To form the best article marketing strategy, it’s important to maintain a balance between writing the right kind of content for the audience you’re targeting and generating enough of that content. The things that work best for one marketer may not be the right path for you. It takes time, practice and patience to obtain the results you need for your specific online business.

What steps are you taking to form your own article marketing strategy? What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced in your campaigns and what have you done to overcome them? I’d love for you to share your thoughts and helpful insights!

How to Conduct Article Marketing Research for Your Business

In article marketing, the writing can be hard but it’s the research that can really drag you down. Coming up with unique article topics that people actually want to read isn’t easy for many of us.

So how can you find some winning ideas? Here are six sure-fire ways that will get your creative juices flowing and set you on your way to creating plenty of amazing articles for your article marketing campaign.

Check out what your competitors are doing

Directories are full of articles that cover a wide array of topics, and chances are that there are plenty that cover your own niche topics as well. You can look to see what others are writing about to help boost your own creative process.

Let’s say you are a beautician looking to broaden her client base. You can find articles about homemade beauty treatments, the latest hair treatments and trends, and any make up tips and techniques. Reading through another person’s article topics can help shake loose some ideas in your head.

Remember: there is a big difference between snooping and stealing, so don’t let yourself be tempted to plagiarize another author’s work. Instead, compile a list of ideas that you get by scrolling through article headlines and create your own unique pieces based on those list items.

Visit Q&A Sites

There are sites, like Yahoo Answers, that allow users to post open questions for others to answer. You can type your keywords into the search bar and a list of questions that include your keywords will be brought up.

For example, if you type in the keyword “Make-up,” you’ll see questions like: What are some make-up tips for someone with a round face? What brushes are used for what make-up? What make-up looks good for dark eyes?

There is a wealth of potential articles available when you get to see what kinds of information people are seeking.

Look in Forums

There are forums on the web that cover almost any topic you can think of, so if you just do a simple search for one, like “beauty forum,” you’ll find plenty of ongoing discussions. Forums are a great place for people to go in search of answers.

Flip Through Industry Magazines

You can do this online as well. There are plenty of magazines out there that cover topics of all types. You can see what topics they are covering in their current issues, find out what people are reading by seeing what is being “Liked” and “Tweeted” by readers.

Find an “Idiots Guide”

The Idiots Guides and “for Dummies” books are a wealth of information and ideas. You can even just check the table of contents in these books to gain some more ideas for article topics.

Watch the News

Whether watching it on TV or keeping up with it online, the news always has new topics for you to look into. You can find out about product recalls, new trends, etc. If it’s something that the media is focusing on at the moment, chances are people are going to be seeking more information about it online.

You can get inspiration anywhere; you just have to keep your eyes, and your mind, open to all the possibilities. You may find yourself in a writing slump or maybe you don’t have the time to spend brainstorming new topics. Doing some research can help you find plenty of future article topics. If you don’t have time to do your own research, or even to write up articles yourself, consider hiring an article marketing specialist who ghostwrites content for the web.

How do you prepare for article marketing research? Share with us what works for you!

Article Marketing Tips Successful Affiliates Use

When you start looking for advice on improving your article marketing techniques, who better to turn to than someone who has been down the same road you’ve traveled and come out on the other end a success? The thing to remember about advice is that it only helps when you make use of it! So, here are a few of the top tips from some superstar affiliates who have made a success out of article marketing.

1. Do your research. No matter how fantastic your articles are or which directories you submit them to, if the affiliate program you choose to work with isn’t a good one, then all of your efforts will be worthless. Always do a little research into the many affiliate programs out there. Read reviews, find out what fellow affiliates are saying in forums and writing about in their blogs.

2. Write original content. It’s important for you to create unique articles. Resubmitting the same article over and over again will lower your search engine rankings. If that happens, your articles won’t be getting the attention and page views you hope for. Take the time to write new content at least once each week.

3. Send articles out to newsletter subscribers. When you submit your articles to directories and post them on your social media sites, it’s also a good idea to put your article into a newsletter and send it out to your subscribers. If your article is a little lengthy, trim it up a bit so that readers won’t delete it before getting to the good parts.

4. Think quality along with quantity. Make sure your content is valuable. While it’s important to put out a good number of articles, they won’t be as effective if they are poorly written. Take the time to write content your readers will enjoy and benefit from.

There is a lot to be learned from affiliates who have made a successful business in article marketing. They learned how to make the most of article marketing without shelling out a lot of money. Take advantage of any free tools that are out there, like article directories. There are some directories that will charge you for submitting articles, and their rates aren’t cheap. There are plenty of reputable directories out there that are absolutely free, so don’t feel pressured to sign up for a service you need to pay for.

It’s important to build a solid reputation in the marketing community. You can have hundreds of articles out there on the Web, a fantastic website and popular blogs, but those things won’t matter much if you link yourself with a scamming affiliate program. Always investigate the companies you are considering linking up with and make sure there are no claims that they are scams.

If you’re going to write about a product and endorse it in your articles, you want to choose something that is familiar to you. If you have no experience in software programs, you might find it difficult to write persuasive articles about it. Use products that you are comfortable with writing about. It’s important to your readers that you present yourself as an expert in your niche. This will boost your reputation as an article marketer, which is the key to becoming a success in this industry.

What article marketing tips have you found that work for you? Here is your chance to have the floor. Please leave a comment.

Article Marketing Suggestions for Web 2.0

Submitting articles into various directories is the best way to help gain more exposure for your business. It establishes you and your company as an expert in your field. As the saying goes, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

If you restrict yourself to submitting articles to only one directory, then what happens if that directory shuts down? All of the hard work and effort you put into writing those articles (or money if you pay a ghostwriting service to write for you) will have been for nothing. So don’t be afraid to branch out and submit your content to a wide range of sites.
There are sites, for example, like that allow writers to post as many articles on a subject as they choose. Web pages on Squidoo, called “lenses,” cover a wide variety of topics. This gives you more opportunities for interacting with readers. Using social media will give you an edge and increase your conversion rate with simple word-of-mouth communication. Be aware, though, that Squidoo takes spamming very seriously and has restrictions on some topics that receive an overabundance of spam submissions.

Always review a site’s Terms of Service to see which topics they will and will not allow to be admitted into their directories.
On Squidoo, writers and readers get to interact with each other through things like polls, guestbooks, and questionnaires. You can include affiliate links and social media buttons that allow readers to follow you on Facebook and Twitter. Readers can also share your content with a “Like” or “Tweet” button.
Hub Pages
Articles submitted to are placed on pages called “Hubs.” The more relevant and interesting the article you write, the higher it will rise in the ranks. Hub Pages rank highly on Google, so by submitting your articles to this directory, your company will see an increase in web traffic.
Google Knol
GoogleKnol is a unique way to implement an article marketing strategy. You can write as many articles as you want on various topics and post them under your account.
This is a great tool for helping to build up a stronger web presence. Some of the highest rated articles can be found on Knol, along with new and highly talked about articles. An author’s most popular articles will feature at the top of their homepage.
Each of these article submission sites are valuable tools that will have an amazing impact on your article marketing campaign and your business. And best of all, they’re free to use! Don’t limit yourself by submitting only to a few article directories. In order for your business to grow, you need to plant strong roots.

Are there other article marketing suggestions for Web 2.0? I’d love to hear them. You have the floor. Don’t be shy, please leave a comment.

Is Article Marketing Right for Every Business?

Many businesses are starting to look into article marketing as a valuable tool. Every company, from home-based web designers to the international corporations, can benefit from a strategic article campaign. With written content, your business is getting the word out about the products or services you offer.

It’s understandable that many people are reluctant to embark on an article marketing campaign. For them, writing ranks high on their list of least desirable activities, right next to scrubbing the toilet. Even if you are among these people, there’s no reason to leave this powerful tool out of your marketing arsenal.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to write up valuable content every week, look into outsourcing your article writing. There are freelance writers and article marketing services who will write original content for you to submit to various article directories.

There are a plenty of freelance sites and forums where you can get in touch with writers as well as companies that specialize in writing content that focuses on your niche.Article marketing can help any type of business. For example, a beautician looking to bring in new business to her shop could start submitting articles on beauty tips or reviews for styling products and make-up. By showing readers that you are an expert in your field, you’ll be inspiring future customers to seek you out when they need your services.

Before you start churning out content for your article marketing campaign, you need to sit down and write up a list of the various article marketing sites you’d like to submit to. Look for the ones that have the highest page ranks. Next, come up with a list of at least five important facts about the products or services you provide. Under each of those key points, write a few sentences that help support them. Use these five points when writing your articles.

When you get ready to start your own article marketing strategy, always keep in mind that this is not an opportunity to weigh down your articles with affiliate links and cap it all off with stuffy author bio. Readers will know when they’re being fed a bunch of junk and many article directories will reject any articles that don’t fulfill the promise made in your title. Make sure your articles actually have something to say so that you will be seen as an authority on your chosen topic.

Has article marketing been working for your business? Don’t be shy. Show your expertise and leave us a comment. Thank you!

Promoting Your Business and Products With Article Marketing

Businesses are starting to see the benefits of using article marketing as a means of promoting their products and services. It is one of the most effective tools in driving traffic to your website. Many people see article marketing as a tool just for affiliate marketers, but this is far from the truth.

Many affiliate marketers are finding success through the use of article marketing, but your business can benefit from the use of this marketing tool and gain an increase in the number of customers seeking out the product or services you offer. Articles will help boost your brand power and visibility on the Web. Picture article marketing as a big highway sign that directs web traffic to your business.

Article marketing can be used for any product, whether it’s purely informational or a physical item. With this tech-savvy way of promoting your products, you’ll build up a solid reputation and online persona. This strategy works well for all business types, from new entrepreneurs to large companies that have been around for ages.

The best part about implementing an article marketing strategy? It doesn’t have to cost you one red cent. It does, however, require an investment in time if you choose to write your own articles. You may also choose to pay someone else to do the writing for you if you aren’t too confident in your own writing abilities. Content submitted to article directories can include links, which helps with your link building as well.

Once you start submitting articles, don’t stop. Make sure you’re adding fresh content all the time and writing articles that have meaning to site visitors. In order to set yourself apart as an expert in your niche, you need to stay on top of your article submissions. Having relevant content will also help boost your page rankings.

When writing articles, make sure your content is easy for readers to take in. Large blocks of text will induce readers to just skim your article instead of reading it thoroughly. Break up your article and include bullet lists to help make it easier to digest.

If you have your own affiliate program, you’ll want to have articles already prepared for your affiliates. They can use those articles on their websites, blogs, and newsletters.

Your article titles need to be clear, concise and straightforward. Titles that make a cute play on words or have a vague meaning will not help with readers. You want a title that will help with search engine optimization, so try to include your keywords in your headline.

Article marketing is meant to be used for promotion, not selling. You want your articles to promote your products through hints. You don’t want to answer their problems up front, because then there’s no need for them to visit your website or purchase your product. The point of article marketing is to draw traffic to your website so you can offer visitors the solutions they seek.

What results have you seen in your article marketing campaign? Share your outstanding results with us. Or, are you having issues and problems with your article marketing campaign? We’d love to help.