Crunched For Time? Hire a Virtual Assistant for your Secretarial, Business and Personal Services

Have you ever thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you with some of your secretarial and business tasks?  Are you an overworked single mother or dad just needing help with those daily tasks?  Are you a busy professional needing help with family associated tasks such as birthdays and/or anniversaries?  Your answer to all of this is to hire a Virtual Assistant.  You will love the additional time you will have. 


Virtual Assistants are here to stay and are the latest trend in solving your business or personal needs.  Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, trained and keep up with the latest technology and provide services only as you need them.  You can hire VAs for long term, short term or on a project basis. 


Think of the money you can save by doing just that.  Besides the money you are saving, look at the time you will save too.  In today’s hectic world, and everybody having so much to do, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle all of those tasks you either don’t have time to do, or just don’t want to do.  And at a cost that is very affordable. 


Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about your brand and how to market it?  Have you considered Social Media for marketing?  If so, you know how time consuming that can be and this is one service a Virtual Assistant can perform for you allowing you additional time for more enjoyable moments or to focus on the urgent matters at hand.  New to Social Media?  It is crucial to your business and a must have in today’s business competition.  Ask us how we can get you started right away.


Are you just starting a new business and just don’t know what to do to get your idea, product or service out there on the internet highway?  Social Media is your answer for marketing your services and/or product.


Secretarial Services

Just need to outsource some of your clerical projects?  Hire a virtual assistant to handle a variety of typing, email correspondence and management, accounting, card send outs, word processing, billing, appointments, travel arrangements, vacation coverage, proofreading and other associated tasks. 


Staffing and Recruiting

Need someone to locate that perfect Virtual Assistant for you and not sure exactly where to find your VA that fits specifically for your business needs and tasks?  Rest assured we can find that perfect match for you!  With over 13 years in the staffing and recruiting industry, we are very knowledgeable and adept in locating that perfect candidate or team.  We are up on the latest virtual assistant forums, networking sites and industry that enables us to have an upper hand at that information that may not be so readily available.


Applicants and Candidates

Are you recently unemployed and need someone to help you in your job search?  We know how very time consuming it is to search for that perfect match.  We can send those resumes to your jobs of preference, create cover letters and resume’s, track correspondence and handle your overwhelming email correspondence.


Technical Recruiting

With over 13 years in the technical recruiting arena, we are able to provided recruiting and staffing services to an array of industries and companies.  Our background encompasses the following industries and disciplines; Aerospace, Defense, Government, Specialty Materials, Industrial, Airlines, Accounting, Finance, IT, Construction and Healthcare.  Senior Level Engineers, Procurement Professionals, Project Managers, Account Managers and Executives, just to mention a few. 


Our hope is to offer you some assistance in just some of the areas where a Virtual Assistant can save the day!  There really are many, many more areas and services where a VA can help you have more time for those enjoyable moments.  Give it a try!



Just say Y.E.S. and we are here to bail you out!


Your Everything Services-Quality and Professional Virtual Assistant Services


“Your time is valualbe and we can help you have more of it!”


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