Easy Ideas That Will Help You Earn Extra Cash in This Horrible Economy (Part 3)

Alright all you fine people, here we are again with easy ideas that will help you earn some extra cash during this horrible economy. Your virtual assistant services team keeps coming up with some awesome ideas so we will continue to share as long as we have valuable and helpful ideas.

Are you ready for Part 3, well let’s get started…

Online Tech Support

Why not set up a blog to help others when they are stuck with a technical computer issues? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve needed something like this and there are tons of people that need help and need it immediately. You can set up a WordPress blog for free!

Teleclass Administrator

With all the teleclasses going on out there on the web, especially in the virtual assistant industry, this could be a very good service to offer. You could offer to send out all the reminders, connect all the attendees, troubleshoot any technical issues and be the administrator of the call.

Baby Announcement Service

Create cute and inspiring cards, letters or poems and offer to send those out to announce that sweet, precious and cuddly arrival. You can print those on your computer or hand craft using Calligraphy, which brings me to my next service…

Calligraphy Services

Although this does take some time and quite a bit of practice, calligraphy is a specialized niche where you can make some money. You can offer the above service along with special poems, mementos, customized Christmas ornaments (we’ve done this one for a company in the past) and wedding invitations. The ideas are bountiful.

Makeup Artist

Offer your services for brides to be, proms, photographs and special occasions. You can put an ad on Craigslist or other free advertising sites. We had our makeup done when my daughter got married and it was such an awesome experience. One less thing we had to worry about. Plus, you certainly want to be gorgeous on all those pictures that will last a life time!

After-School Child Pick Up

With so many people having to work outside the home this is an invaluable service. Parents want to make sure that their children are picked up from school and taken home safely. You could even take them to school as well. Start out in your own neighborhood and let everyone know you’re available.

Quilt Maker

All you need to get started is scrap material. I’m sure you have some in your closet right now you can start with; clothes that no longer fit, out of style, old t-shirts and a creative mind to get you started. Instead of throwing those old t-shirts and sweatshirts away, make a blanket. What a priceless gift for someone!

Party Organizer

With the fast approaching holidays, (I know you sure didn’t want to hear that) now is the time to get the ball rolling on this one. You can decorate, send invitations, arrange catering and choose colors and themes.

So what do you think? We are interested and want to hear from you. Take two seconds and leave a comment please. We appreciate your time and hope you can put these to work for you.

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