From the Heart–Important Reminder for 2009

As we approach 2009 I just wanted to share a little history with you in hopes it will alert you to what really is important in life!  Hoping it will cause you to slow down for a brief moment and remember your families, friends and the people that care and love us unconditionally! However, 2009 it is bitter-sweet for some of us, especially those that have lost loved ones in or around the beginning of the year, or any time for that matter.  There is that sinking, nauseating and deflated feeling knowing we are going to reach “that” anniversary once again.  We relive that moment over and over trying to understand and figure out, “when does this get easier to handle and deal with?”


Unfortunately, it does take time and it will get easier and you learn how to cope with it to the best of your ability, whatever that might be.  That is not to diminish the love and awesome memories we have of our loved one at all, simply in learning how to cope with that sort of deep and emotional pain.  For most of us, it is something we have never had to deal with and I’m truly glad you have never had to experience it.  But for those that have “been there, done that and experienced that sort of pain”, my deepest heartfelt empathy and sympathy is extended to you.  For those that fit within this unfortunate category, maybe there is a way we could help others to cope and learn how to deal with the pain we experience on a daily basis.  


Unfortunately and sadly, I speak from experience as I lost my little brother Ted at the age of 46, January, 2007 from complications that arose from that nasty MRSA virus.  I can’t begin to explain how much I desperately miss my only sibling and the closeness we shared.  Ted had been paralyzed in a work accident 4 years previously and due to complications that stemmed from that, he had a bed wound that just would not heal.  He was in the hospital for a routine breeding of the wound, and things just got worse from that point on.  We were just waiting on that one wound to heal so that he could move in with us, which had drastically improved over several months of performing this de-breeding, treatment and medications. 


Ted would come home every weekend and stay with us; therefore, some of the preparations had been done as far as wheelchair ramp and things of that nature. We started preparing for his arrival to move in with us permanently by cleaning out our spare bedroom, made several adjustments to accommodate his wheelchair in every area of the house, had services arranged that would alter his bathroom to accommodate his needs and many other necessary adjustments to make his life as effortlessly as possible.  Needless to say, we were very excited of him finally getting out of the nursing rehab home and coming HOME!  He too was just thrilled beyond explanation!


In closing, my intentions are not to be depressing, sad or to bring everybody down, just simply alert others, stop and think a moment on just how important our loved ones are as we approach 2009.  Sure, we all have great and well thought out plans for our businesses and things we would like to accomplish.  But in those moments of business preparation, stop and think about the ones that would give their life for you and love you unconditionally!!  Be sure to appreciate everything they do for you, cherish every moment you can, take tons of pictures, journal so that you can leave a legacy to your kids and grandkids, be happy, enjoy life, make goofy videos, have fun, appreciate what others do for you, help others as much as you possibly can, never take anyone for granted, be appreciative of the simple and little things, and to be thankful and grateful for ALL of your life experiences.  Those particular experiences are what have made you what you are today!  Embrace it, learn from it, and take it with you in your exciting, happy and passionate journey through life!


When you’re making your New Years resolutions this evening, vow to make a difference in someone’s life!  My hope is that you make a conscious effort to thoroughly enjoy life and the people in it!  After all, THAT is what is really important in life and in 2009! 

Make 2009 your best year EVER!!


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