HOLIDAYS AND HULLABALLEW! You’re Answer to Surviving!

As business owners, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, brothers and sisters, how do we handle those daunting tasks of holiday preparation? We are always taking care of others and other things that seem to be more important at times than ourselves. We have to make sure that all is beautiful for the fast approaching holidays and for all those that come to visit and enjoy. Everything has to be decorated just right with the exact and precise touches. We go those extra miles to make things memorable and enjoyable to others. We want to create those beautiful, endearing and lasting memories! Do you need more time in your day to complete these tasks in preparation for the Holidays, we have your solution!

We actually, if we are not careful, will work ourselves to a frazzle to complete all tasks required for the holidays. I know speaking from a personal perspective; I have to make sure the house is immaculate. I don’t want family and friends coming over for the holiday fun and have to face a dirty house. That is one of my pet peeves! However, this year, due to some serious back issues, (I’m sure some of you can relate to this), I have to be able to trust and put this task into someone else’s hands!!

Will they do it like I usually do it and take those extra steps and hone in those extra details? Am I going to go behind them and check to make sure it was done correctly? Am I going to be SO stressed out about it that I can’t enjoy myself? Or, am I just going to suffer through it and try to do it all myself? NO! My plan is to ENJOY the memories we are creating as a family and not to worry about the rest!  We have to realize what is really important here; family.

Although we are powerful, strong, self-sufficient business owners and entrepreneurs, this is where we have to learn to offload and outsource. We naturally want everything to be perfect, beautiful and done correctly, but lets face it, we cannot do it ALL!! This is where you find someone you can trust and leave it up to them.  I have very competent family members and business partners that I will have to outsource some of my holiday chores to.  It is especially hard this time of year due to the recent loss of my little brother Ted and all of the emotions associated with that and the memories of our enormous and awesome Holidays.  Sometimes those emotions can debilitate us to the point we can’t even think straight.  The Holidays can be tough at times for many different reasons.  Ugh…

What are some of your challenges as we face the approaching holidays? How do you handle those day-to-day chores, running a business AND all those additional tasks for the holidays? How do you delegate to others and what sort of things do you delegate to others? Are the holidays typically a stressed out time for you? I would be very interested to hear your responses!


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