Interview Time….

1. How did the book come about?-Well I started writing this book years ago. I knew I wanted to write a story about four females so I just ran with it as I got ideas for the storyline.

2. Explain your characters?-There are four females in this story. The main character is Ari Jennings. She’s the link between the four females. She met them all at different point in her life. Ari is currently in college. She’s battling putting herself through school and working. Her mother is an alcoholic. Ari is taken down a journey that tests her faith. Marissa is a married women working as an intern at dental office. She has a lot of skeletons in her closet that are eventually revealed. She will ultimately learn how to love and trust in God. Katora is a single mother but living with her sons father. All she wants is happiness and a good life for her son. She has doubts about her boyfriend but can’t put her finger on what he’s doing. Her Grandma J, the source of her spirituality, helps her see things in the right light. In the end, Katora will be tested and a big bomb will drop on her to reveal the truth about those around her. Heaven, the youngest and youngest minded of the females is a spoiled rich girl. She is currently in college but still living with her parents. Heaven cares about no one but herself. Her mother has instilled morals in her that will constantly haunt her. Heaven gets involved with the wrong person who makes her grow up and make a touch decision.

3. What message do you want this book to send?-I want anyone who reads this book to be inspired. I’m sure this book will hit home for a lot of people. I want people my age to see that living and striving to be all God wants you to be even when you’re young has it’s benefits. Trust in God no matter. He takes us all through things for a reason.

4. What are you currently working on?-I am currently writing a novel called Concealed Betrayal. I am working on my magazine From a Writer’s POV and expanding it all over the internet.

5. What’s in the future for Dominique-More books! The sequel to “Too Much Untold” is next! Get ready! Expect to see more events for From a Writer’s POV.

6. Tell us about your magazine, From a Writer’s POV is a place that’s become a home for a lot of writers, authors as well as business owners. We are helping people get their business and books out to the public. We offer so many things that benefit the author and business owner. We do book ads, business ads, and event ads. We give daily advice and tips on writing as well. We are all over the place and encourage all writers, authors and business owners to check us out!

I will then open the floor for any questions or comments from our guest readers.

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