Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business

Your virtual assistant services wanted to provide you with great and helpful content so we have a treat for you today. Our friend and business owner Laurie Neumann wrote an article about choosing your specific niche in the virtual assistant world. She offers some great advice and points out the real importance of marketing your niche.  Enjoy!

One of the best things you can do for yourself in marketing your VA business is to choose a niche.  You may not have thought about choosing a niche as a marketing tactic but it can be HIGHLY effective.

I know that by now you have heard that you cannot be “all things to all people.”  This is so true when it comes to marketing your business.

Spend some time and take an inventory of what skills you have to offer.  Which are the ones you do best and enjoy the most?  They should be what you promote.  It is great if you have a variety of skills to offer, but highlight your top ones in your marketing efforts.

Who are you most suited to work with?  I recently worked with a lady who was starting a VA business and was going to offer it to pastors of smaller local churches.  She had a definite niche.

Maybe you want to target entrepreneurs of smaller local businesses in your area.  Another definite niche.  Or possibly you have a background in accounting and love animals.  Offer your VA services, specializing in accounting/bookkeeping to local or online pet business owners.

Some may think that you are cutting yourself out of some business by niching.  Will that happen?  Probably, but in the long run, you will gain more business if you find and work within your niche.

Think about your marketing efforts.  It takes a lot more time and money to contact “everyone.”  But if you have narrowed it down to one field, you can really focus your marketing efforts in that field.  Also, once you get some clients, you can then ask them for referrals to other business owners who are in the same niche.

Do yourself a favor and decide who and what your niche is going to be.  You will be further ahead because of it.

Laurie Neumann offers a Marketing course, designed to guide you through the process of creating your own personalized marketing plan based on your personality and abilities.  She also includes personal coaching as part of the course.  Visit her at

Thank you so much Laurie for your valuable information. Take a moment and leave a comment on your marketing tips.


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