My Interview with Dr. Mani the Incredible Inforpreneur, Author and Surgeon!

Your virtual assistant services had an awesome opportunity to interview one of my mentors and someone I truly admire for not only his work with children, but also his knowledge. Dr. Mani is a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon that is on a mission to give back and help others in a way that supersedes most. He is also a writer, author, inforpreneur and an awesome gentleman and I’m eternally grateful for his time and the following interview.

Here is what I was able to ask him and his responses;

1. What inspired you to write “Think, Write & RETIRE” and how did you take that inspiration and put it on paper?

I have been an infopreneur (an entrepreneur who creates and sells information products) for almost 15 years.  Over this time, I have gathered a lot of information about the process, made many mistakes and learned from them, and after sheer persistence and relentless practice, reached a level that may be called ‘success’.

With so many hopeful, eager and ambitious new ‘infopreneur beginners’ flooding the Internet as an exciting and powerful medium to build an information business, I thought there was a huge audience that would benefit from my rich experience.

This is the ‘inspiration’ behind creating ‘Think, Write & Retire!’, a book I’m qualified to write simply because it outlines and describes exactly what I did! 🙂

2. How do you come up with such consistent and valuable information to write about?A part of it is mind set; a part of it is hard work.

I outlined the mind set in a short report called the ‘VALUE FIRST’ manifesto – it’s a free download from my website, at

In essence, it is the belief that an infopreneur must always add value to his or her audience, so that their life is enhanced and enriched in some way or the other by having come into contact with your content.

When you come at it from this mind set, you will automatically reject anything that falls short or fails to meet this ‘standard’ – and that means all that you create will be valuable to your audience.

But doing this is not easy or quick.  It involves time and effort in studying your niche, understanding the dynamics and adding a unique spin to it in the form of YOUR personal insights, experience and analysis.  The resulting mix is so original and individual, it becomes your stamp, your trademark, your style – and people begin to identify it with you.

This gives you an incredible competitive edge, because you become set apart from everything and everyone else in your niche – and become the ultimate expert or ‘go to guy/gal’ for everything on the topic.  So the pay-off can be very, very big – and definitely worth the time and effort you’ll invest up-front.

3. What advice or system could you tell the newbie writers out there that want to further their career in writing?I say this often and believe it to be key to achieving success, not only as an infopreneur and writer, but as anything.

Have a dream. It should be a worthy dream – and more important, it should be YOUR dream, one that excites and energizes you to the point that you’ll do anything to make it happen.  For me, that dream is to help little children who are unfortunate to be born with life-threatening heart birth defects.  The work I do online raises funds to sponsor their expensive surgery – and gives me all the motivation I need.

Believe in your dream.  That’s harder than having one! 🙂  But however remote and hopeless it may seem, trust in yourself and your ability to make your dream come true.  That uni-dimensional belief will translate into miracles over time, as long as you hold on to it with all your heart.

Make a plan. Just dreaming won’t make things happen.  You have to take action.  And unfocused action is as worthless as running faster on a treadmill hoping to get somewhere sooner!

Set goals.  Define them clearly.  Have milestones to reach along the way.  Celebrate each achievement.  And get motivated to carry on the journey.

NEVER GIVE UP. This is the big thing.  Over 15 years, I have come close to giving up oh-so-often…but never did.  And if you ask me for ONE key to success, it is that – not giving up.

While all of this may seem ‘general’ and not pertaining to a ‘writing career’, think about it again.  I dreamed that ‘Think, Write & Retire!’ would be a best-selling book.  I believed it will happen.  I have a plan – and this interview is one component of that plan.  I have goals to hit along the way.  And I’m not giving up!

Everyone starts somewhere.  I was a newbie once, many years ago.  And this is the path I took to get where I am.  You can do it too – or find another one that’s faster, easier, better.  The important thing is to stick with it until you win through!

Good luck to you in your infopreneur career.  And I hope you’ll buy a copy of “Think, Write & Retire!” to help make my dream come true – and yours too!

Dr.Mani’s new book, “Think, Write & RETIRE!” shows how to turn words into wealth as an Internet Infopreneur.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a retiree or a researcher, a house-wife or a heart surgeon, a student or a sales-person.  You can turn your expertise into cash in the bank – as an infopreneur! For more information please visit

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