Another NASCAR season gone!  Unbelievable!! Wow, that went quick and now I’m starting to feel the effects of it.  Now what do we do…


You know the feeling waking up on a Sunday morning, going through the sports section of your local newspaper so you can make sure you have the correct time and station, you start scanning the guide so you can mark it to automatically turn over to that channel at that precise time, once you have selected that and double checked it, you start preparing for that electrifying event!


HOLD ON!  Except now when you do that, your mind starts playing tricks on you and you wonder what you did last night!?!  OMG! Then you realize that there is NOT a spectacular, energizing, blood pumping, heart racing sports event happening.  Thank goodness we have football as a back up right now, because without that to help transition until the Daytona 500 is here, you would not know what to do with yourself.


So what is a person to do?  We focus on other things to TRY and help occupy our minds so that we are not constantly thinking about racing and getting excited about the competition of it.  (I know, that is hard to do), however, we could think about the fast approaching (similar to the cars on the track) holidays.  Have you prepared that greeting card address list?  Have you done any shopping?  (For NASCAR fans we don’t even think about shopping until the season is over with, so no, probably not). 


Tis’ the Season, have you done any decorating?  Might as well get that tree and decorations out of storage and get busy.  Might as well hang the lights on the outside of the house too.  I mean, you get my drift; there are some things we can to do get through our withdrawal symptoms and this tough time for all of us!


So, NASCAR FANS, what do you do to get through this?  Post a comment and let all of the dedicated NASCAR fans gain some withdrawal education!!


GENTLEMEN, “S T A R T  Y O U R  E N G I N E S  !!!


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