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As very passionate individuals for people and the situations they may be in, and our sincere desire to help in any way we can, we are proud to announce our new service; Your Everything Services Advice Column!  We cannot tell you just how exciting this new venture is for us and the thought of being able to help people in a totally different avenue is the ultimate reward!


Due to life’s trials, experiences, joy, failures, relationships, struggles and successes, we are wise beyond our years and have had many “life” experiences in many situations that you have probably been through yourself.  From things relating to real life experiences such as; homeless, divorce, children, starting over, loosing material possessions, love and others to intimate to mention, we have the hard-core advice based on “real experiences” and how we handled it or overcame it. 


Our passion behind this; to help others get through a tough situation or to avoid a horrible mistake with the end result being a happy, satisfied and fulfilling life!  To motivate, encourage, support and be there when you need us!  We know there is something we can do to help!


Please feel free to pose a question to us and rest assured that we will do our best to help you in any way we can.  Your confidentiality is respected at all times and all of your personal information and email details will remain that way.  Your Everything Services will NEVER disclose this information to anyone!  You have our word, honesty, utmost respect and outstanding ethics.


Simply go to the “contact us” page and give us a try!  We thank you for your honesty and trust and we look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. My question is:
    How do you draw the line between being a professional, student, mother, and wife? At what point do you decide to let your grades slip or leave from work when you still have so much to do? I feel as though I am constantly struggling with this dilemma of deciding when enough is enough. I must do well in my classes and I know this situation is only temporary, but I feel so guilty at times.

  2. Wow! My first question for the advice column, thank you! Let’s see how we do!

    To answer your first question on how do you draw the line with everything you have going on, and I must say you sound pretty exhausted. You have to take care of yourself first-it’s that simple! I know that sounds a bit selfish, but it is of the utmost priority. It will enable you to have the endurance, strength and motivation to get to the end. Take some un-interrupted time to basically refill your cup and de-stress, if even for only 20 minutes, it will be refreshing and mind altering!

    Mother’s are naturally givers and we give and we give and we give and we give some more. Sometimes you have to take that perfect opportunity and MAKE that time to refill your cup. It can be something as simply as a long hot bath with candles and wonderful soothing music. You could take a 20 minute nap, go for a short walk, do one of your favorite hobbies, you get the picture, but most important, give yourself that gift of time when you need it the most and you will be surprised how your attitude changes and things begin to run smoother and in your favor.

    There is no need to feel guilty about the time away from your family, that is pretty natural considering what you have on your plate. When you are on a mission to reach that ultimate goal you have worked so hard for and made sacrifices for, those family members and friends that have been there with you every step of the way, will certainly and most positively understand and will have your back! They love you and absolutely want the best for you. Just knowing that should give you the encouragement, dedication and confidence that you can do this! You can hang on for just a little bit longer! You can stay focused and motivated to complete all necessary tasks. One HUGE motivating factor – think about WHY you are making these sacrifices. Ultimately, for the well being and betterment of your family.

    So take that much needed, well-deserved, overdue break, de-stress for a little while, stop and just have some fun, regroup, dance like no one is watching, change your thinking, stay positive and you will conquer this to your ultimate goal!!

    Deb Lamb
    Your Everything Services

  3. Wow! I know you are right, my family is my support group and rock behind all of this. Without them, none of these sacrifices would be worth it but they are the reason I am making these sacrifes. The thing that struck me the most was the statement about, “give yourself the gift of time.” I never looked at it like that before. It is definitely something to meditate over.
    Thank you!

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