Four Paths That Lead to Your Writing Voice

In order to have a successful ghostwriting or freelance writing career, blog, or book, your writer’s voice is crucial to cultivate. Without a truly unique writers voice, you will end up producing plain, lifeless and boring articles which no one will want to read. Who in their right mind would want that?

Whoever your reader’s are, you need to give them strong personality, uniqueness and tastefulness so they can relate, but also enjoy what they’re reading. Typically, if they enjoy your writing, they’ll come back for more. And that is certainly what we’re trying to achieve.

So what exactly is this “writing voice” I’m talking about and how do you get it? Let’s discuss.

When I think of “voice,” several things come to mind such as people you know with awkward, strange, deep or high-pitched voices. This is similar to what I’m referring to. Since no one is actually able to hear a blog, those voice traits need to come through to the reader’s eyes, so they can perceive your personality.

Personally, being from Texas I certainly have a southern draw. In order to convey that in my writing, it would throw all sorts of red flags in my spell check and it would probably make it go haywire. Additionally, most people may not understand it either. So, you still have to be careful when putting your voice out there and use some caution.

Now, let’s talk about how you can give a voice to your writing. Here are four paths to finding it!

Find the Flow: Something that helps in order to find your flow, is giving yourself about three minutes and simply write down as much as you can in that allotted time. For some reason, the time crunch in combination with focusing on quantity produces really exceptional and personality-filled works. So, get out those handy-dandy kitchen timers and get busy writing for the time allotted! Do not focus on censoring your thoughts or editing. Just let the pen and paper take you away.

Write in the same manner as you speak: Think about how you normally speak, to yourself and to others around you. Now, read something you’ve written, out loud, and ask yourself, “does this sound like me?” You may find that a lot of the time, you can answer “no” to this question. One thing you might try is recording what you’re saying. Then, transcribe your thoughts and ideas into writing and see where it takes you. Some of your quirky or insightful thoughts might not normally come out in your writing, but now you’ll be able to catch them and get ’em into your prose.

Disregard Conventions: No matter what you have learned in the past, especially from school or from someone else’s preference, forget about it. Focus on what you want to say, how you want to say it and add what you think conveys your personality. Later on, it might not be a bad idea to reflect back on the things you have learned, however, if you want to capture your voice you must unlearn traditional methods and relearn about “you.” The only area you should really focus on is that your message is being carried out concisely and clearly.

You talk about what you know, right? Get busy writing about it! A really great way to find your voice is to write about things you like or are knowledgeable about. You’ll feel more freely to move about within your word structures because your knowledge will back you up. Whether it’s a movie review, a rant, a life story or an article, your writing voice will become apparent.

You may think that finding your writing voice may be difficult; however, if you’ll just write like you talk and remember these four paths, you’ll be on your way in no time. Just remember to be yourself and don’t write like someone else. Be unique and add your wonderful personality.

In your experience, do you have any tips that helped you find your own writing voice?

Things You May Not Know About Ghostwriters

For many Ghostwriters and writers in general, there are many methods of getting published in existence today. However, some writers feel they lack certain traits or components to consistently produce engaging, solid and fresh content.

So, what happens when writers struggle with publishing or content creation? They hire a Ghostwriter! It happens a lot more than you would ever imagine.

Generally, Ghostwriters handle a number of assignments and a heavy work-load. They are well-versed and experienced in handling many tasks such as single article writing, web content creation, proofing, editing, and blogging, just to mention a few, all the way up to helping with a full-length novel. The term “Ghostwriter” simply means they do not receive any credit for the writing they do for their clients, and their clients can publish the work as if it were their own, with no repercussions.

Ghostwriters specialize in many areas and can write a number of different things.

Due to the vast subjects across the web, Ghostwriters are very flexible and can fit in just about anywhere in a wide variety of genre’s and niches.  They may be summoned to create content for websites, online businesses, brick and mortar businesses and even other writers.  Some Ghostwriters may choose to specialize in certain areas, where others may be more versatile in their knowledge and experience and prefer to create content on any topic, genre or niche.

Generally they are hired to help create articles for article marketing, blog posts, newsletters, email campaigns, web pages, BIOs, press releases, white papers and eBooks, to name a few. Some Ghostwriters are experienced in helping authors get their books into print publication, proof reading and editing.  Some might even write speeches, eulogies, business plans, and other areas where technical or formatted writing is needed.

How can you find or get connected to a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters can be found all across the internet. Many Ghostwriters or Ghostwriting companies have websites with examples or portfolios, contact information and rates. They are also marketing savvy and create marketing campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.  Ghostwriters also network with other writers by joining different forums and writing communities, which may lead to referrals and recommendations.  If you’re in need of hiring a Ghostwriter, finding one that suits your business needs won’t be very difficult.  However, finding a great Ghostwriter will take in-depth research or possibly even a referral from a trusted source.

With the way technology is soaring and the marketing needed for online business owners, Ghostwriters are in high demand.

What Skills is Necessary for Great Ghostwriting?

If you are interested in writing for companies within the United States, you must have a solid understanding of the English language.  In addition, you’ll need to have detailed research skills, excellent typing, spelling, grammar, ability to meet all deadlines, work in a fast-paced and stressful environment, marketing, constant contact with your clients, and knowledge of the different writing styles.

How can you be a Ghostwriter?

Becoming a Ghostwriter takes persistence, dedication, discipline, motivation and organizational skills.  It certainly helps to have a true passion for writing. I can’t imagine anyone doing this that doesn’t truly LOVE it and feel it is their “calling.” If you write without passion, then others will certainly be able to recognize it, and that could damage your reputation.

You’ll need to learn how to market yourself, your services, set your rates, set up a website, create marketing plans, perform article marketing, set limits, figure out your niche, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, and most important…practice, read and write a lot.

Freelance Writing, Ghostwriting and Article Writing Jobs

Here are the jobs listed for today. Happy hunting and enjoy!

Thanks to Anne!

The Snake with Many Lives…or is it Many Snakes?

I love to write. I typically enjoy writing about real life experiences in my own life or others. I’m happy and I want others to be happy, therefore, I like to write things that also make people laugh, smile and escape from the grind of daily life. Life is WAY too short and we must enjoy it! Okay, I said all that to say, this story is a true story that happened a couple months ago. While I didn’t think it was funny at the time, it is now. Enjoy!

A couple of months ago I was getting ready and as I opened my closet door, I almost stepped slap-dab right in the big middle of a SNAKE! Barefooted! I performed an Olympic-like move and catapulted backwards out of my closet and slammed the door. I had no idea I could move that fast! HA! I know I set a world record on the “back-jump”, if there were such a thing.

Chills just took over and the heebie-jeebies set in as I performed an Indian ritual “snake dance”. I never really thought I was scared of snakes…what a way to find out!

Now, how in the world was I going to get that snake out of my closet and out of my house? I was all by myself too; I had to tackle this monster on my own. So, what does a scared-to-death person do? Most people probably would have got a shovel, or fire-place poker or gun (yes, I live in Texas, a gun) and took care of it. Nope, not me, I called my daughter. As if she could help me over the phone.

After a few screams and shrieks with her, I decided to open the closet door again and try and sic my dogs on it! Yep, that was a brilliant idea! I have mean, big, protective dogs and they would get it. I was willing to try anything. They just looked at me like I had lost my mind.

As I opened the door, to my horror and amazement, the snake was GONE!!! Aaaahhhh!! Where in the world did that four feet long, at least three inches in diameter snake go? Now he is in my house SOME WHERE!

Okay, by now my nerves are rattled and my blood pressure it up and I have to calm down. So, I convinced myself that the snake was scared to death of my dogs and found a way to get back outside and all is good. Whew.

A week or two goes by and I have completely forgotten about that snake. Finally, there is peace in the household again. As I pulled back the shower curtain getting ready to get in, I thought I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, but really did not pay any attention to it, just thought it was a piece of the shower curtain my kitten had ripped off.

I have my back to the nozzle and noticed again something out of the corner of my eye. Good gosh, I’m going to have to shut my bathroom door to keep that kitten out of here to keep my shower curtain in tack. As I turned around this time to really look at that piece of plastic or fabric that kept catching my eye and bugging me, I saw that snake squiggling under the edge of the curtain headed right towards me!!

I was too scared to scream for the fact that I thought he would jump at me and attack me or something and could not bare to have a heart attack while I was buck naked!!  My mind was rushing a mile a minute as I quickly and quietly stepped out of the tub (actually fell out of the tub and busted my hiney) grabbed my towel and ran to our bedroom where my husband was sound asleep.

As I flew open the bedroom door, standing there drenching wet, I leaned over to my husbands face and said, “Baby, I found the snake! He is in the tub!!”  You can imagine the look I got from him being awoken from a deep sleep and especially hearing the news I was broadcasting to him. It really was quite comical later after I thought about it…he is totally scared of snakes.

He jumps out of bed and goes running to the bathroom to see for himself, (like I would make something up like this!). He then goes running back to our bedroom to grab the equalizer he was going to kill this snake with! Now you have to know my husband, he is deathly afraid of snakes more than anyone I have ever seen!  So what do you think he grabbed to kill this monster? I’m sure you guessed it…a golf club!

Now, how in the heck was he going to kill that monster with a golf club? I’m getting ready to tell you. He goes back to the bathroom and stretches out as far as he can with the golf club and begins beating the snake.  You can just imagine, bang, bang, bang in the tub several times.  Several bangs later, he scoops up the snake with the fire place shovel and the golf club and takes him outside and goes across the street and dumps him into the pasture.  Whew, finally good riddance!  Oh, and by the way, there was no way I was getting back into that shower. I stood outside the shower and tried to finish my bath. That alone was a site to see.

Finally, snake gone!  Not quite!

Stay tuned for Part 2

Funny Story

I’ve decided to start posting some funny or humorous jokes from time to time. Nothing makes me feel better than a good laugh and I hope all of you enjoy it as well.

Today our funny comes from Amusing

Two avid fishermen go on a fishing trip. They rent all the equipment:the reels, the rods, the wading suits, the rowboat, the car, and even a cabin in the woods. They spend a fortune.

The first day they go fishing, but they don’t catch anything. The same thing happens on the second day, and on the third day. It goes on like this until finally, on the last day of their vacation, one of the men catches a fish.

As they’re driving home they’re really depressed. One guy turns to the other and says, “Do you realize that this lousy fish cost us fifteen hundred dollars?”

The other guy says, “Wow! It’s a good thing we only caught the one!”

I hope you enjoyed it and please come back for more.