How to Stay Positive When You’re Surrounded by Negativity

If someone were to ask you, you would probably say that you were a pretty happy person. You try to keep a positive frame of mind and stay upbeat. It can be difficult, though, to maintain a positive mindset when you find yourself surrounded by negativity.

Here are a few ways you can help keep your positive attitude whenever you look around and find that everyone else is being negative.

It’s nothing personal.

People can often get into the bad habit of talking negatively. It can be aimed directly at you or simply be about a myriad of other things that are going on in that person’s life. It’s hard to face an onslaught of negativity, especially when you are the target of it. But remember, that this is their issue, not yours. If their criticism is unfounded, you can be sure that the complaints are probably just a way for the person to vent. Take a breath, put on a smile and tell yourself, “It’s not me, it’s them.”

Be the bigger person.

It’s not fun being around a negative person. But just imagine how miserable it must be to be the negative person. They are full of sour emotions and see themselves as the victim of life. They are probably scared and hurting in some way. Anger is one way that many people hide their troubles away from others. Try to be compassionate and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Bring them a little positivity.

What can you do to help turn their day around? It could be something small, like acknowledging a recent accomplishment. Bring them a snack from the vending machine. Even simply asking them how they are doing can help them to open up a little and get things off their chest. Do what you think would cheer you up on an off day. If you are met with an even bigger wave of negativity, just walk away. You know that you tried, and you can’t win them all!

Remember: you get to choose the people in your life!

We are not physically attached to every person we deal with day in and day out. It is okay to cut out anyone who brings absolutely no positive value to your life. Friends, family, coworkers, spouses- if they just don’t want to be a part of your positive lifestyle, then it’s okay to limit contact with them or do away with the relationship altogether. There is a whole world of people out there who can make you smile, so don’t waste your happiness on those who don’t want to share it.

What do you do to stay positive every day? Have you had to make some tough decisions about who stays and who goes? Let us know!

10 Quick Tips for Life Rejuvenation

You’re in a rut. We’ve all been there. The only way to get out of it is to shake things up! Add some of that zest and exhilaration to your life that you’ve heard other people talking about. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Just find a few ways to bring some simple changes to your life and you will be amazed at how great you feel!

Even one small change to your typical routine can make a world of difference in your attitude and your outlook on life. Here are ten ways that you can spice up your life right now:

1. Plan a special “renew and restore” day!

Find a date on your calendar and plan to take the day off for nothing but new experiences. Take off work if you have to. Invite a few friends to join you! Make a plan for the entire day, filled with activities that you are excited to try.

2. Go someplace new!

Maybe you live in a city with a great museum, but you’ve never been. Is there a restaurant you’ve been dying to try but have never had the time or couldn’t get anyone to go with you? Go do it! There are so many places out there for you to explore. Plan a daytrip to any place that strikes your fancy and open yourself up to the new experiences that await you!

3. Carpe Diem!

Seize the day! Do something spontaneous. Break out of your shell and go do something that you never thought you would have done before. Accept last-minute invitations with friends. Get that tattoo you have been thinking about. Get up there and belt out a song at karaoke night. Just go for it!

4. Get off your beaten path!

Get out of your shell and try something new. Go for a hike. Join a book club. Try sushi. Volunteer. Push yourself to train for a marathon. If there is anything that you have on a list to try “maybe someday,” today is that day! Don’t make excuses. Don’t think about all of the reasons why not to do something. Only focus on why you should.

5. Crank up your creativity!

Try out a new hobby for once. Local craft stores are always holding classes for one activity or another- cake decorating, jewelry making, knitting, sewing, painting. Nothing can be more satisfying than looking at something that you created with your own hands.

6. Make changes in your environment!

A simple freshening up of your surroundings can make miles of improvement to your life and your attitude. Try a new paint color on the walls. Buy a new piece of furniture. Change your bedding. Buy a fish tank (or one of those new cool jellyfish tanks!). Even adopting a new pet can make for a positive change.

7. Find new friends or reconnect with old ones!

There are so many ways to meet people these days that share your similar interests. Look for events in your area or sign up on to find groups of people in your area who want to meet new people too. If you have a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while, invite them out to lunch. Foster the relationships that will bring value to your life and allow you to add value to theirs as well.

8. Keep your mind on the here and now!

When you are on vacation, be on vacation! Don’t let your mind stay wrapped around the issues at home- bills, work, and projects. The same goes for anything you do to add more pep to your step. Concentrate on the task before you. Don’t let the outside seep into your present thinking.

9. Give your attitude a tune-up!

Stop making excuses and adding things to a list of what you “don’t do.” If you want to make your life more exciting, you have to be a willing participant. Open your mind to all of the new opportunities around you and you might be surprised to find out that you do in fact enjoy fishing.

10. Leave your troubles at the door.

Your issues and hang-ups have no place in the time you spend with friends. You are not together to commiserate with each other. Friends are supposed to uplift and empower each other when they are together. Just round up your issues, scoot them out the door and tell them, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”

What changes are you making to renew, restore and rejuvenate your life? Are you having trouble making changes and letting go? Let us know!

Five Reasons to Feel More Positive About Your Life Today!

A lot of us spend too much time feeling negative thoughts. We need to stop that kind of thinking and embrace all of the positive things that will lead us on a path to a much more enjoyable life. By altering your mindset, you will be able to look at each obstacle with confidence and work your way to positive living!

You have a life to live!

We were not put here on this world to take up space. We all have our own unique purpose in life. There are goals to accomplish, people to meet, lives to touch. You can’t wait around for life to happen to you. You need to get up, follow your dream and get to work! Never, ever expect that you can “do it tomorrow,” because none of us can be guaranteed another day.

Embrace the resources you have!

Think about all of your past experiences. What skills have you learned over the years? What are your best qualities? What is it that really motivates you? You will be surprised at how much you are qualified to do. You have talent that can be used to move you through life. You don’t need to let yourself get stuck in a rut because you’re afraid. If you wait, opportunities will pass you by. Be proud of the things you have accomplished in life and the things you can do now.

You are surrounded by opportunities!

Don’t be afraid to take a risk in life. Your moment is right now! You can’t put things off and hope that good things happen. Good things might come to those who wait, but the best things come to those who do. Take action! Start your business, call about that open position, sign up for classes, volunteer, take a vacation. Take those opportunities by the hand and get going!

You are strong and able, alive and full of life!

Get motivated and get a move on with your life. You can walk, talk, read, listen, speak, and act. Don’t waste those gifts by sitting around feeling bad about the things for which you have no control. Forget about past mistakes and focus on future successes. Light a fire under your heart and find something to be passionate about! You will be so busy moving forward that you won’t have time to return to the past.

Today is that day!

Right now, there are opportunities out there just waiting for you to make the first step. The sooner you start, the faster you will have that new job, earn that raise, and build a lasting relationship with someone. When something doesn’t work, move on to another plan! You are the one who makes your decisions and choices. Set your goals now and start planning each step to success.

How do you fill your life with positive actions and thoughts? What gets you going each day? Are you looking for the motivation to get through a low-point in your life? Let us know!

Seven Key Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

We have all gone through ups and downs with our self-esteem. For many of us, the lows have outlasted the highs. When that happens, it can be hard to pull yourself up out of that funk and put a smile back on your face. That’s when you need to shake things up and get that spark back into your life. It is that spark that keeps us going and lifts us up.

Here are seven of the best ways to boost your self-esteem and get you back onto the path you want to take!

Stand up for yourself!

In order to have more confidence in yourself, you can’t allow others to disrespect you. By letting other people’s treatment of you weigh you down, you are giving yourself an emotional punch in the stomach. And a punch in the stomach makes it hard to stand tall. The great lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Write your life mission statement.

When you have a clear-cut mission statement, it can really define the person you are or hope to become. It is an affirmation that you are going to be the best you there is. Write it down and keep it in a conspicuous place so that you can always see it and be reminded of your purpose.

Set your personal goals and start doing them.

Without a clear set of goals, you are going through life without a path. This is a lot like taking a trip without a map. You’ll end up lost and frustrated. When you lay out a plan for your life with goals to accomplish along the way, you will feel more fulfilled. When you finally achieve your goals, you will feel more confident in yourself.

Sign up for classes.

Acquiring more knowledge and skills can help build up your self-esteem quickly. Whether it’s an educational course at the local college or a cake decorating class at the nearby craft store, adding new things to your repertoire will give you more confidence and just plain make you feel good. It is one more step in giving you control over your own life.

Get out there and take action!

Stop being afraid to take chances. If you are thinking of starting your own business, then go out there and do it! You don’t have to fit yourself into other people’s dreams. You are free to blaze your own trails. Taking controlled, positive risks in your life can help you feel invigorated and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Start socializing.

There are tons of ways to meet new people who share the same interests as you. Join groups and clubs in your area. You can sign up on and find groups of people in your area that focus on thousands of different topics, from knitting groups to book clubs to car collectors. When you are part of a group, you will have a sense of belonging and being accepted.

Volunteer your time.

One of the greatest ways to boost your self-esteem and give back to your community is through volunteering. There are many people in your community who will benefit from the help you can give. There may be a women’s shelter you can help with or the local food pantry. When you see gratitude and thanks from others, your own self-worth will skyrocket.

Do you need a boost to your self-esteem? What do you do to help increase the confidence you have in yourself? Let us know!