The 4 Best Tips for Marketing Your New or Existing Business

Marketing a business, no matter if it’s new or has been kicking around for years, takes a fair amount of creativity. It takes a lot more than just designing a website in a day and submitting it to as many spam directories as you can find. If you want to increase your traffic and find people who are genuinely interested in the product or service you are offering, then you need a unique marketing strategy. The right strategy will get your website noticed by tons of targeted traffic each day.

These are four of the best tips to remember when you begin formulating your own marketing strategy for your business:

Write articles that go viral.

Writing an article that follows all of the SEO guidelines you can squeeze into it is an easy task. Writing an article that your readers actually want to share and pass along to all their friends is a whole different ball game. Get creative. Be conversational and entertaining. Write your article for the readers and not just for the search engine spiders. The readers are what really matters in the end. If you feed them a stuffy article that puts them to sleep, then your content isn’t going to get you very far.

Encourage interaction with readers.

You want your potential customers to know that there is, in fact, a person behind the website. Encouraging them to interact with you on the website is an excellent way to create a bond between your business and the customer. Get them to respond to your blog posts with comments (and be sure to respond in kind!). Interact with them on a forum or on social media sites.

Give them honesty and they will reward you with loyalty.

You don’t want to give your website’s visitors any reason to be disappointed. Instead of blowing their heads full of false expectations, give them honest answers. You want your customers to be realistic when they sign up for your offer or buy your product. If you can’t absolutely guarantee that their hair will be lush and luxurious in a month, then don’t promise it. This is a fast way to lose the respect- and repeat business- of your customers. Be honest and give them the facts and your customers will keep coming back.

Give, give, give.

Everyone, customers especially, love free stuff. If you have things to give away with a purchase, throw it in the box. If you have an eBook that you can offer for free when someone signs up on your website, hand it over. Give your customers a coupon towards their next purchase and that just increases the chance that they will come back again and again. When you go that extra mile to make your customers feel valued, they will become long-standing customers and spread the word to everyone who will listen.

Remember, having a successful marketing strategy can make a big difference in the sales figures for your business. Without a creative approach to marketing, you’ll be waiting around for customers to come, which will just lead to disappointment.

What marketing strategies have you implemented in your business? What is the most effective tip you have learned? Let us know!

Online Content: How to Beat Your Competitors with SEO Content

No matter what type of business you have, you are going to have competition. Even more so when you have an online business. You might think you have the edge, but there will always be others out there looking to take the top spot in the industry. In order to take your place at the top of the heap- and stay there- you need to know what it takes to compete.

When you start producing online content to support your business, it is important to have a strong understanding of search engine optimization. You also need to know who your competition is so that you can effectively compete. When you have the insight into the other businesses in your industry, you’ll be ready to put up a fight.

Check out the websites of your competitors and anyone else who may be selling a product or service similar to yours. See who is sitting at the top of the search engine results. In order to get yourself up at the top, you need to know what these businesses are doing to stay there. Observe the web design; take note of the prevalent keywords, and any other detail that can impact a search engine rank.

After you have done your research on your competition, take what you have learned and see what improvements can be made to your own web page. Maybe your layout can be rearranged. Play with your color scheme and tweak your design. You may be surprised by how much the look of your website can influence your customers.

The content on your website also plays a major role in how well your business will do. Take the time to research the best keywords and phrases to include in your online content. Consider adding a blog to your site, or maybe videos. Find changes that are going to set you above your competition. When you focus on search engine optimization, you will see a great improvement to your own search engine ranking. Staying on top of the results means more potential customers finding their way to you.

Quality SEO content can make all the difference in the online business competition. Every business, in any industry, can benefit from professional web content. It will enhance the value of your website in the eyes of customers.

After you have looked at what your competitors are doing to boost their business, try coming up with a few ideas that are uniquely yours. Be creative in your efforts to draw more traffic your way.

Always give different techniques a test drive. Something that works incredibly well for another company may not have the same impact on your business. Staying on top of the search engine results means making changes whenever necessary. It is a never ending process, but well-worth the efforts that you make. Beating the competition requires constant attention to SEO of your online content.

How to Get the Best Results with Article Marketing Online

Too many people are giving up on their article marketing campaigns because they aren‘t getting the results they expected. These are the people who only post a handful of articles to one or two directories and wait for the magic to happen. When they don’t see a huge return for their meager efforts, they throw in the towel and then spread the word that marketing their articles online isn’t worth the trouble. Not only are those people ruining their own chances of success, but they’re scaring off other people who are considering article marketing online.

In order to get the best results with article marketing, it’s important to know what your plan of action needs to be from the start. With this information at the ready, you’ll be better equipped in your online content marketing campaign. To make your articles work best for you, here are some things you need to know:

Do thorough keyword research and make a list. You want to have a stockpile of keywords and keyword phrases that are appropriate for your industry. You can use a tool like Google’s free keyword tool or invest in a professional tool like Market Samurai. You want to focus on keywords that are going to help you rank highly in search results.

Write an article for all of your keywords. Try to set a daily goal of writing one article. If your talent for writing isn’t too strong, consider hiring a ghostwriter. Many ghostwriters are knowledgeable in SEO practices.

Submit to a wide variety of directories. Every directory offers different options. Different niches perform better on one site than another. When you distribute your articles to a lot of directories, you can determine which ones are giving you better results in your article marketing campaign.

Track each article’s performance. Knowing which articles are performing best and each directory gives you an idea of what your search rankings will be. Then you can focus your efforts on the better performing keywords.

Fine-tune to your articles. When you track the performance of your articles, you’ll begin to notice which titles are capturing more hits and which ones are only doing okay. Then you can tweak a little here and there. For example, maybe titles written as a question get more readers than those that are straightforward.

Use what you’ve learned to boost your traffic. Once you’ve observed what is working best in your article marketing campaign, you can start duplicating what you learned in your future articles.

Remember, article marketing isn’t supposed to be easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. If you want to see fantastic results, you have to put your best efforts into what you write and how you distribute.

Have you been discouraged in your article marketing efforts? What have you done to overcome those obstacles? Let us know!

Save Money and Earn Subscribers with Article Marketing

One of the most well-known methods of online promotion used by business owners is pay-per-click advertising. Unfortunately, PPC is also one of the most costly tools when it comes to marketing your business and products.

Pay-per-click is geared towards bringing visitors to your website. You place a bid on your chosen keywords and when someone enters those keywords into a search engine, your advertisements will pop up. If the user clicks on your ad, you pay for the click. But even if someone clicks on your ad, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a conversion.

Basically, you’ll be emptying your wallet with each click and seeing little return on your investment. The goal of marketing is to bring in more business which will then lead to more money. To start getting the most bang for your buck, you need to find a way to get your links out there in the most inexpensive- yet effective- way possible.

Article marketing has become one of the most successful tools when it comes to saving money and boosting conversion rates. Writing articles about your business and products will give you the opportunity to submit to various article directories at no cost. You can link back to your website or squeeze page for readers to click on, which still costs you nothing!

Another bonus that comes with writing articles that center around your industry is that readers will recognize you as an expert in your field. This will do more for your reputation than a short advertising blurb.

You know, too, that it may take more than one visit to your web page for someone to decide to buy your product or sign up for your service. It’s important to gather information from visitors in order to reconnect with them at a later point. By linking your articles to a squeeze page, you can get their email address and name right away so that you can contact them in the future.

With the help of your informative articles, you’ll also be able to build your subscriber list. Anyone who has seen success in their business ventures will tell you that a list is a powerful force. A list will get you repeat customers and a steady income.

The key to successfully building a subscriber list is to write articles that are helpful and give readers just a sample of what you can do for them. You don’t want to give away the whole secret. You want them to have a reason to keep coming back.

If writing isn’t your strong point, or if you just don’t have the time to commit to article writing, there are ghostwriting services which will be able to generate fantastic content on your behalf. Some services will even do the work of submitting your articles to directories and know which of those article directories will get the most hits on search engines.

Article marketing is the smart way to promote your business. It can benefit any industry and help create more buzz around your company. The price is just right since it can cost you nothing more than the time it takes to write an article. When you get on a roll with your article marketing, you’ll become a recognized name in your industry which will lead to more traffic to your site, more conversions, and more sales.

How to Conduct Article Marketing Research for Your Business

In article marketing, the writing can be hard but it’s the research that can really drag you down. Coming up with unique article topics that people actually want to read isn’t easy for many of us.

So how can you find some winning ideas? Here are six sure-fire ways that will get your creative juices flowing and set you on your way to creating plenty of amazing articles for your article marketing campaign.

Check out what your competitors are doing

Directories are full of articles that cover a wide array of topics, and chances are that there are plenty that cover your own niche topics as well. You can look to see what others are writing about to help boost your own creative process.

Let’s say you are a beautician looking to broaden her client base. You can find articles about homemade beauty treatments, the latest hair treatments and trends, and any make up tips and techniques. Reading through another person’s article topics can help shake loose some ideas in your head.

Remember: there is a big difference between snooping and stealing, so don’t let yourself be tempted to plagiarize another author’s work. Instead, compile a list of ideas that you get by scrolling through article headlines and create your own unique pieces based on those list items.

Visit Q&A Sites

There are sites, like Yahoo Answers, that allow users to post open questions for others to answer. You can type your keywords into the search bar and a list of questions that include your keywords will be brought up.

For example, if you type in the keyword “Make-up,” you’ll see questions like: What are some make-up tips for someone with a round face? What brushes are used for what make-up? What make-up looks good for dark eyes?

There is a wealth of potential articles available when you get to see what kinds of information people are seeking.

Look in Forums

There are forums on the web that cover almost any topic you can think of, so if you just do a simple search for one, like “beauty forum,” you’ll find plenty of ongoing discussions. Forums are a great place for people to go in search of answers.

Flip Through Industry Magazines

You can do this online as well. There are plenty of magazines out there that cover topics of all types. You can see what topics they are covering in their current issues, find out what people are reading by seeing what is being “Liked” and “Tweeted” by readers.

Find an “Idiots Guide”

The Idiots Guides and “for Dummies” books are a wealth of information and ideas. You can even just check the table of contents in these books to gain some more ideas for article topics.

Watch the News

Whether watching it on TV or keeping up with it online, the news always has new topics for you to look into. You can find out about product recalls, new trends, etc. If it’s something that the media is focusing on at the moment, chances are people are going to be seeking more information about it online.

You can get inspiration anywhere; you just have to keep your eyes, and your mind, open to all the possibilities. You may find yourself in a writing slump or maybe you don’t have the time to spend brainstorming new topics. Doing some research can help you find plenty of future article topics. If you don’t have time to do your own research, or even to write up articles yourself, consider hiring an article marketing specialist who ghostwrites content for the web.

How do you prepare for article marketing research? Share with us what works for you!

9 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Article Writer for Your Specific Content Needs

Article writing, ghost writing, freelance writing and blogging are all very time consuming tasks associated with running any type of business.  Good article writers and bloggers are in high demand and can create the much needed content you are seeking.

Good news…there is a solution that will give you back the time you deserve and need for those precious and enjoyable moments in life.  Outsource your article writing and content blogging to a professional and experienced freelance writer.

How do you choose a writer and one that is perfect for your content needs?  Read on for some helpful tips.

1.  Prepare a set of interview questions.

Be prepared on your end as well.  Have a particular and specific set of questions you’d like to ask your potential writer.  Have you ever written “xyz” content?  What is your turnaround time on articles or blog posts?  What areas or topics are you experienced with?  You will need as many details as possible to determine the perfect writer for you and your business.

2. Speak with your potential writer directly.

Arrange a meeting to discuss some of the details over the phone.  Get a feel for their personality, demeanor, attitude and professionalism.  Do they listen without interruption, (listening skills are paramount)?  It’s the little things that make a real difference.

3.  Make sure the content produced is original and unique.

You want and need original information created just for you within your specific guidelines.  Do not hire someone that cannot produce 100% original content.  You want to be sure that your article is the only one like it and that there is no duplication whatsoever.  This could hurt your search engine ranking if you do not have original and unique, written just for you information.

4.  Do you know how to optimize articles?

Most businesses have a set of keywords based around their products or services.  It is critical that your content be SEO optimized with your specific keywords in order to rank in the search engines.  You’ll need to supply those keywords to your writer and then they need to know how to work those into that content seamlessly.

5.  Ask for samples of their work.

You may choose to ask for samples of work they have previously written, or have them create a short 200 to 300 word article specifically for you.  Keep in mind if you have them draft an article for you with your guidelines and you like and want to keep that particular article, be prepared to pay for it.  Did they follow instructions in detail?

6.   Ask for references.

Get references from people they have written for in the past.  Did they provide specifically what you asked for?  Did they meet all deadlines?  Would you rehire them?  What sort of results did you obtain from using their writing services?

7.  What is their writing style?

If your brand requires that someone portray a hip, fresh, laid back style, then make sure your content matches that strategy.  If your brand is more conservative or technical, then that will require a different voice as well.  Find the voice that matches your branding strategy.  You want a writer that can get to know you and what you care about, someone that can learn and understand your market and be able to bounce ideas off of.

8.  Copyright or no Copyright?

Most writers will keep the rights of the content and you are then limited with where you can publish and the amount of times you can publish that content.  If you are interested in keeping the copyright to your content, then find a writer willing to give you the rights.  In these cases, I have seen where this might cost a bit more to do; however, it is worth it in the long run.

9.  What are their rates?

There are many ways writers charge and you need to know which one will fit your business the best.  Do they charge by the word or page?  While there are article writers that charge a very low price for their articles, be very careful of this.  This could be content already previously written or content they have plagiarized.  Remember, you want original and unique content well written.   One other thing to consider is whether or not they are native English writers.  This is very important as well when it comes to proper sentence structuring, proofreading, grammar and ease of reading.

There you have some helpful tips in finding your perfect article writer.  Look for someone with patience and a strong desire to understand your business, your brand and details of your product or service.  Choose someone who will not give up easily when things don’t go well.  Writing is hard work and it takes diligence, patience, understanding and communication to get the results you are seeking.

What are some of your guidelines in choosing a writer?

You’ve made it this far, please leave a comment.  I don’t like to talk to myself all the time…LOL.