Balance Your Business with Freelance Opportunities

Have you ever considered yourself a client? Most freelance writers don’t. They just take on as many viable projects as possible, hoping to keep the work coming in so they can pay their bills and sock some extra away for an emergency or for fun.

But with your writing skills, there’s no excuse for not creating your own info product empire and setting yourself up for a lifetime of automated profits. Wouldn’t you prefer that to just continually seeking out the next project over and over again?

I worked for years as a freelance writer, always balking at those marketers who told me they made $10,000 a MONTH without working anymore. But then this summer (with two main eBooks on the market and a site that sells private label rights content), I took off for an entire month and without lifting a finger, I made $200 a day. Well, $198 and some change, to be precise. That’s over $6,000 a month fully automated.

Right now, you’re working. I want to teach you how to balance your income by creating a business that will work for you like mine does. Now as a freelance writer, you’re probably more cynical and skeptical than your average consumer because you see how the marketers operate – often in an unethical manner, like sending you an eBook and asking for a “knock off” or spying on their competition and asking you to beat them to the punch with a project on the exact same topic.

Your view of eBooks may have been skewed, but let’s wipe away the tarnish and see how this opportunity could change your life. If you created an eBook with your name on it, you’d make sure it was of the very highest quality, wouldn’t you? You would conduct ample research and you would ensure it was unique from your competitors.

Just those two elements will set you apart from the mass of marketers who rehash information and spin their wheels trying to build a solid reputation. Let’s say you’ve picked a niche topic to work with and written a solid, 50-page eBook. The next steps are what always stopped me – the technical details.

All you need to know are these steps and you’ll have an eBook empire generating income for you every day of the week:

1.) Compile and secure your eBook in the right format
2.) House it on a domain with a sales letter designed to convert (this will be hard for you because you’re going to have to write sales copy like a marketer)
3.) Set it up with a shopping cart and on an affiliate marketplace
4.) Promote it and attract others to promote it for a share in the profits

Now of course each of those steps above has some detail involved, but it’s not as hard as you think. Your biggest hurdle is in balancing your workload from clients with your workload in setting up your own business.

When I was ghostwriting, I used Excel to map out what tasks I had left to complete for a client. The top row had their name (so I had several columns depending on how many projects I was working on), and each row below the name had a task to complete, which I deleted once I finished it.

One day, fed up with working for others, I added a column to the end of the spreadsheet. It was titled, “Tiffany.” Although I was Tiffany, I tried looking at myself in the third person, making her a client with deadlines and a task list of her own.

Whenever I worked on projects, even if it meant pushing a prepaid client to the backburner, I worked Tiffany’s tasks into the day’s workload, knowing that although she didn’t prepay for the work, she was going to pay me even more once the project was complete.

Balancing your own projects with that of clients is often how Moms in a family operate. They take of everyone else but themselves. We all know a Mom (maybe even yourself) who start getting sick, but instead of going to the doctor, they spend their time and money on the kids’ needs. Then they wind up with pneumonia or something worse because they couldn’t see the logic in putting themselves first.

By constantly focusing on clients and ignoring your own business needs, you’re hurting your financial future. Don’t put it off another day. In fact, do it right now – add your name to your client list and map out a task list for yourself of what you need to do to set up an automated income. The relief you feel one day waking up to sales with zero work to be done is a feeling unlike any other.


Tiffany Dow is the author of Building an eBook Empire, which teaches you in a step by step manner how to get your own info product on the market. She used a guinea pig student to determine what needed to go into the guide from a complete newbie perspective so no stone is left unturned.