Virtual Assistant Services Christmas Gift Idea

Our virtual assistant services Christmas tip and ideal will be the answer you are seeking for those difficult to find that perfect gift for!! In the true spirit of Christmas, I decided I would do something different this year for gifts and decided I would share this with you.  I thought about baking my Christmas specialties, candies and goodies for family and friends and probably will still do some of that; but, I felt there was more that I could do with the very small budget I have.  I had to figure out a way to really stretch my dollar to many people.    


It was also important to me that it came from the heart and something close and personal to that particular person.  It also had to be meaningful, helpful, uplifting and something that would differ in people’s lives.  I received this same gift a couple of years ago from a life long, dear, sweet, friend, and it really meant a lot to me for her to stop and think how fitting it was at that time in my and life, (and still is).  I cherish the thought she put into it and to know that I’m helping someone less fortunate – is immeasurable!


So here is my thought; give the gift of giving!  Donate money or time in their honor and name to their favorite charity, organization or church.  I know it sounds so simple but let’s not discount the fact of what a powerful gift this could be!!   You could be a very key ingredient in paying it forward, being a blessing and helping others.  Making a difference in someone’s life!  You could spark something here and get something going that will be like the energizer bunny and just keep on going!  Isn’t this what Christmas is about?  Christmas really is not at all about gifts, but giving, our love for Christ and one another.      


We should all be thankful and have sincere appreciation for our lives, the people that surround us and the people that care about us.  Appreciation for everything you go through in life and the circumstances or situation you are in (whether good or bad).  Everything happens for a reason and it won’t last forever and it will get better! 


So, think about it and when you can’t figure out what to get that certain person, or if you just have the desire to help, contact your favorite charities and do something different – think about giving! 



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